In the Defense of the Republic

By the end of the Civil War, nearly 200,000 African-Americans had fought for the Union cause and freedom

The American Civil War had cost more than 620,000 lives and had nearly torn the nation apart, but by May 1865 it was finally over. To celebrate, thousands of people gathered in Washington, D.C., to express their gratitude to the military forces that had made the Union victory possible. More than 200,000 Union troops paraded through the city in this Grand Review—but only white troops participated.Read more »

What Happened At Fort Pillow?

Trying to understand the Civil War’s ugliest incident


Andrew Ward, a frequent contributor to these pages, has just completed River Run Red: The Fort Pillow Massacre in the American Civil War (Viking). The editors asked him why he had chosen to spend years studying this very grim subject.

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