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Saint-Pierre and Miquelon may be reached via the SPM Express ferry from Fortune, Newfoundland ( / 800-563-2006) or on Air Saint-Pierre from Montreal, St. John’s, or Halifax, with additional departure cities in summer ( / 877-277-7765). Read more »

Bootleg Paradise

Seeking a monument to Prohibition’s immense impact on American society, the writer finds it in a French colony.

Prohibition ranks among America’s most vivid historic epochs. Yet the era of flappers and jazz is also curiously Oz-like. The drinking ban dominated the American social and cultural conversation between 1920 and 1933. Then one day the country awoke as if from a dream to find all traces of it gone, save for a few bootlegged bottles that washed up at local historical society museums, flotsam on history’s beach. Read more »

Said Chicago’s Al Capone:“I Give The Public What The Public Wants…”

What the public wanted, it seemed, was a vice and bootleg business netting sixty million dollars a year-and many gangland funerals

The newspapers called him Scarface, but the sobriquet did not safely bear repeating in his presence. It was Mister Capone instead, or Big Al; or, among trusted lieutenants of his palace guard, “Snorky,” a street word connoting a certain princely elegance. The elegance was mostly in cloth, in expensive suits from Marshall Field, silk pajamas from Sulka, the upholstery of the custom Cadillac that was said to have cost more than twenty grand in 1920’s dollars.

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