“We Had a Great History, and We Turned Aside”


The statement was made at the Republican convention that those people who didn’t think like us were not part of the country. That was offensive to me. Some of this attitude comes from my football career; some of my very best friends are people who tried to knock my head off on the football field; they were my friends off the field. We’d beat the heck out of each other on Sunday, or try to. I wish political debates could take place in that type of arena, more Marquis of Queensberry rules than alley-cat rules. But unfortunately politics is all too often an alley fight, not something done out in the open, where people debate the issues fairly and let the American people judge.

So, I’m liberal on trade, liberal on civil rights, a classical liberal. I’m liberal on immigration. Liberal-minded. I don’t know that libertarian would be the best way to characterize it. I think that the Republican party has traditionally been liberal in this sense of the word.