The 94 Years Of Kitty Carlisle Hart


Then, in your eighties, you decided to come back onto the concert stage and sing again in a new career that’s included a PBS television special and many personal appearances.

Well, I had to get my voice back, because my vocal cords were flopping around like there was no tension there at all. I worked like a dog.

With trainers and teachers?

No, I’d had all the teachers that I could possibly use. Once I followed Risë Stevens into a lesson and said, “Why don’t you give me those high notes, those pianissimo high notes like Risë has?” The teacher looked at me as if I’d lost my mind and said, “They komm from Godt.” That was an honest singing teacher.

But you’re still singing, still busy at 94.

Oh, yes. And I’m loving it, and I’m so happy that people want to hear me sing. I’m generally not nervous anymore. And the fourth wall has disappeared. I’m at one with the audience.