April 1955

Volume 6
Issue 3


How tough Henry Knox hauled a train of cannon over wintry trails to help drive the British away from Boston

Having given slavery a new lease on life, he then made Northern triumph inevitable

A southern writer analyzes the handicaps unwittingly laid on the general by President Davis

A determined collector brings a steamboat to her museum of Americana—by rail.

From her chaplain’s diary comes this graphic story of the final sea battle of America’s famous frigate

Written in haste, on an April midnight in 1803, the unedited text of the message that led to the Louisiana Purchase is printed for the first time.


‘The ingenious Captain Peale” sired a dynasty of painters and started America’s first great museum.

A century ago the Soo canal was an insignificant ditch in a remote northern wilderness. Today it serves as the busiest industrial highway on earth.

This nautical chart, lost for five centuries, gives evidence that Portuguese captains had found the New World by 1424

A famous educator reviews 100 years of service by the land-grant colleges

April 1955