Walter Havighurst

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Walter Havighurst got his able seaman’s papers working on Great Lakes boats and wrote The Long Ships Passing about them. He is a professor at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.

Articles by this Contributor

August 1957

From his native background, William McGuffey drew texts to educate young Americans

February 1962

Two humble memories—a brakeman‘s and a carpenter’s—bring back the human moments of a nation’s tragedy

October 1962

Far from the war’s main currents, a resourceful Virginian set off down the swift Ohio to win its strategic valley for the cause ofindependence

August/September 1978

For more than two centuries, this tiny island fortress was both “the key and the door” to empire

April 1955

A century ago the Soo canal was an insignificant ditch in a remote northern wilderness. Today it serves as the busiest industrial highway on earth.