February 1956

Volume 7
Issue 2


The Albany Plan of Union might have made the Revolution unnecessary
This art form dismayed the moralist, delighted small boys, and somehow put its own stamp on the American legend

Never again can there be a hunting party as gay or as risky as the one Sir William Stewart devised in 1843

Published here for the first time, Douglas Southall Freeman’s letters to the Carnegie Corporation telling of his research on Washington show

Fort Stanwix was doomed—until the Iroquois heard the ravings of Hon Yost Schuyler

How Cape Hatteras earned its evil notoriety as graveyard of the Atlantic—and how it looked to a speculative novelist on tour
A noble portrait was grotesque, until the shadows were changed
There have been few more desperate fights than the one in which John B. Hood vainly tried to block the invasion of the South
Two slick miners fooled Tiffanys and Rothschilds until a geologist found the fake “mountain of gems”
February 1956