June 1969

Volume 20
Issue 4


The commander of the NC-4 called the trip “uneventful,” but the men in the other planes of the mission could not quite agree
During World War I Childe Hassam painted New York in all its patriotic glory
“Granther” Sweeney worked on the railroad—and if duty demanded it, he’d rather fight than switch

The G.I.’s were far more numerous than any army that ever occupied Britain; none left so little visible trace, none so touching a legacy

They were usually corrupt and often inefficient, but the oldstyle politicians had their uses. Now almost all are gone
Washington’s journey to his inauguration resembled a triumphal procession of royalty, but he felt like “a culprit who is going to the place of his execution”

President Washington appointed John Jay to be Chief Justice because the eloquent partisan of the Constitution shared a desire to strengthen the machinery of the central government and to bring about conformity to treaty obligations among the states.

Trapped in its Baja California breeding lagoons, the gray whale was almost harpooned out of existence. Today the growing herd is faced with a different threat that is perhaps just as dangerous
What became of the prehistoric race that built the elaborate ceremonial mounds found in the Ohio and Mississippi valleys? Nineteenth-century America had a romantic but self-serving answer
June 1969