Marx’s Disenchanted Salesman


I didn’t know of them. But that really doesn’t mean very much. There were Soviet agents in America, but they kept as far away from the Communist Party as possible. They were the opposite of the F.B.I.

When you were general secretary of the Communist Party, you were a public luminary. Did you enjoy the attention?

Oh yes. I was treated very nicely, especially as a candidate for President. I enjoyed it.

Were you recognized going down the street?

Well, it was more official recognition that greeted my appearances as a candidate and political leader.

The rallies we used to hold in Madison Square Garden were glorious. No one has ever been able to reproduce those rallies. They have rallies there, but nothing like the old days.

Do you think back upon that time very fondly?

It was a very bad period, in general. The country was in bad shape. But there was hope in those days.

Is there hope now?

It’s very difficult to see. Only confirmed optimists like myself can see hope.