A Nation Of Networkers


For the rest of us, and maybe even for the preppies, the old boys are the boys that we grew up with—that is, the boys with whom we used to eat pizza, watch girls, play baseball, and share our dreams. We may have seemed unimpressive in our teens, but now that we have reached our thirties, we have blossomed into a formidable collection of accountants, dentists, pharmacists, hospital administrators, and so on. You can see us when we get together to do a little networking—American men grabbing lunch together, or eyeing the girls in their summer dresses, or sitting together at a baseball game, sipping beer and remembering old heroes. Sometimes you can even see us sitting with our wives, and sometimes with our daughters—the executive females of the twenty-first century, not yet aware that years of networking lie ahead. They can learn a thing or two from Cotton Mather, if they take the trouble.