Remington And The Eli Eleven


“While this was proceeding Walter Camp came in at the back, exactly as though he had wandered in by mistake and was surprised to find an entire football eleven occupying the premises. He stood modestly out of sight and suggested to [ex-Captain “Billy”] Rhodes, quite as though it was a matter of which he could not be expected to know much, that the ends seemed to him to be bending back into a halfcircle, and that as this tended to shut in rather than to assist the backs, it would be perhaps a good thing if— Then he smiled pleasantly on Remington and me, and listened with apparently great interest when Rhodes strode out before the semicircle of players, and said: ‘Here, you fellows want to keep the ends up; you shut the halves in again and again. The ends crowd too much towards the centre, and—,’ etc., etc.

“There is only one man in New Haven of more importance than Walter Camp, and I have forgotten his name. I think he is the president of the university. …”