It's Time to Create a National Marshall Museum and Library

June 2017

Historian David McCullough tells a story of teaching a graduate history class at Harvard University and asking the students if they knew who George Marshall was. None raised their hands. Finally, one student  inquired, “Did he have something to do with the Marshall plan?”

We should not be surprised that young people are largely ignorant of one of the most important leaders who won the Second World War, since military history has been so rarely taught in schools and universities in recent years. But that is another topic.

It’s ironic that class of uninformed students was at Harvard, because it was at that university that Marshall, then serving as Truman’s Secretary of State, gave the speech that

This summer, on the 4th of June to be exact, we will observe the 70th Anniversary

Hopefully, soon the public will get a better chance to learn about the extraordinary contributions of our