Helena Huntington Smith

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Helena Huntington Smith, of Alexandria, Virginia, has written several books and articles about the West. Her previous articles for AMERICAN HERITAGE have included “ Pioneers in Petticoats ” (February, 1959) and “ A Few Men in Soldier Suits ” (August, 1957). Books include: The War on Powder River (1967)and We Pointed Them North: Recollections of a Cowpuncher (1976).

Articles by this Contributor

August 1957

A down-to-earth story of the way in which the German thrust at the Bulge was halted

February 1959

Legend says the frontier was “hell on women,” but the ladies claim they had the time of their lives

April 1961

Enraged by losses from their herds a band of respectable cattle barons took the law into their own hands—and barely escaped with their lives