August 1957

Volume 8
Issue 5


A down-to-earth story of the way in which the German thrust at the Bulge was halted

“Loyalist” John Honeyman bought cattle, kept his eyes open —and may have made the surprise victory at Trenton possible
The magic of life in the, unfolding metropolis still breathes in the diary of a charming and witty mayor
From his native background, William McGuffey drew texts to educate young Americans
Sandy’s homecoming to Vermont didn’t work out quite the way they planned
“Mr. Alcott,” wrote his patient, loving wife, “cannot bring himself to work for gain; but we have not yet learned to live without money.” And in earning it herself Mrs. Bronson Alcott helped invent modern social work
The tragedy that trapped and killed 146 employees started small but made a big mark in history
A FRENCH VISIT TO CIVIL WAR AMERICA Selections from the letters of Lieutenant Colonel Camille Ferri Pisani, who accompanied Prince Napoleon on his state visit, touring the fronts, both North and South, visiting the West and meeting Lincoln and the men around him during the Union’s darkest days

Andrew Jackson won a stunning victory over a veteran British army that would eventually propel him to the White House

In Boston, where one in six was dying of the plague, the great divine battled for a new and radical idea
August 1957