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Joshua Zeitz is an author, historian, and a 2008 candidate for New Jersey's 4th District in the House of Representatives. After earning his Ph.D. from Brown University in American History, Zeitz wrote two books: Flapper: A Madcap Story of Sex, Style, Celebrity, and the Women Who Made America Modern, and White Ethnic New York: Jews, Catholics, and the Shaping of Postwar Politics. In addition, Zeitz has lectured at Harvard University, Cambridge University, and Rutgers University, and frequently contributes to academic publications.

Articles by this Contributor

October 2001

For the first time in a generation, student activism is on the rise. Do these new protesters have anything like the zeal, the conviction, and the clout of their famous 1960s predecessors?

November/December 2001

Facing a nearly invisible enemy, we all may be subjected to new kinds of government scrutiny. But past wars suggest the final result may be greater freedom.

August/September 2002

The old Confederacy got only as far north as Pennsylvania, but its great-grandchildren have captured America’s culture. Joshua Zeitz looks at sports, entertainment, and religion to show how.

August/September 2003

Why the UN was in trouble from the start

June/July 2004

The Republican party ensured a landslide defeat when it nominated Barry Goldwater in 1964, but the Democrats did far more lasting damage to themselves at their convention that year. In fact, they still haven’t recovered.

October 2005

What’s going to happen when the most prosperous, best-educated generation in history finally grows up? (And just how special are the baby boomers?)

October 2006

Viewing a transformation that still affects all of us—through the prism of a single year