October 2006

Volume 57
Issue 5


Viewing a transformation that still affects all of us—through the prism of a single year

Four million Americans came into the world that year. Here are some who have already made their mark on 2006.

The Surgeon General Makes His Case

It was a story so disturbing that we all still remember it. But what if it wasn’t true?

On what they still called their “home screens,” Americans got to watch the future

The Ford Mustang changed the industry when its creator realized “people want economy so badly they don’t care what they pay for it”

What we spent to get through 1964

Just as the year changed the nation, so its World Series changed American sports

In 1964 the most popular movie star in America held a license to kill from the British government

It was a disaster from the beginning

One of the half-dozen most famous Americans of the twentieth century steps into full daylight

October 2006


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