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Kevin Baker is an author and journalist whose work frequently covers American history, culture, and sports. His three-part, “City of Fire” historical fiction trilogy—Paradise Alley, Dreamland, and Strivers Row—covers New York from the mid-19th to the mid-20th century, and his latest novel, The Big Crowd, is set in the city just after World War II. He is also the author of the history, America, The Story of Us. Residing in New York City, Baker is a contributing editor at Harper’s Magazine, and writes frequently for The New York Times and other periodicals. He is a member of the board of the Society of American Historians.

Articles by this Contributor

September 1998

The English journalist has spent more than a decade preparing a book on this country’s role in the most eventful hundred years since the race began. He liked what he found enough to become an American himself.

September 1999

When mudslinging in Congress led to actual bloodshed

October 1999

As Hillary Clinton campaigns for a New York Senate seat, she’d do well to study the career of another effective outsider

November 1999

How a mass killing 150 years ago made today’s New York a better place

February/March 2000

Americans won’t choose a President who chides them

April 2000

Reform party movements can be pretty weird in the best of times; imagine what they might have been like in the worst

May/June 2000

How bad is it when Presidents get really sore?

July/August 2000

Symbol of a brave past or banner of treason? And is there perhaps another Southern standard to be raised?