Ralph K. Andrist

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Ralph Andrist was a former editor in the Book Division of the American Heritage Publishing Company. He graduated with Magna Cum Laude with a major in journalism from University of Minnesota in 1935. He passed away in 2004.

Articles by this Contributor

April 1960

The glacier that covered most of North America scarred the land, turned rivers in their courses, and deeply influenced our history

December 1962

April 1962

Minnesota’s Sioux uprising began with senseless murder on a peaceful Sunday afternoon. Before it ended, the smell of death was everywhere

August 1966

One of his ships was rotten, his cold-weather gear was totally inadequate, and his officers resented him. But Lieutenant Wilkes had his orders—and off into the unknown Antarctic he sailed

October 1973

Anthony Comstock spent a lifetime on a crusade to clean the nation’ Augean stables of smut, vice, and nudity. Sometimes it seems as if he pried in vain