August 1966

Volume 17
Issue 5


General Washington was less than charmed by the young Frenchman whose thirst for la gloire was matched only by his ignorance of English. But the newcomer swallowed his pride, served valiantly, and lived to piquantly recall his adventures as

In a mere three hundred years we have despoiled a rich continent and seriously disturbed its balance of life. Nature may not let us escape the consequences much longer

BEING HAP-HAZARD ACCOUNTS OF THE Perils and Pleasures of Aerial Navigation.

“The Rock” was a proud island fortress, impregnable to attack from the sea. Unfortunately, the Japanese didn’t come that way. Its capture climaxed the bitterest defeat in our history

Staten Island still has muskrats, wild plums, and seventeenth-century houses. But wait— modern improvements are on the way!
The members of Huey’s Louisiana clan who tried to follow his footsteps to the land of their dreams never quite matched his bumptious stride or dictatorial power—but they grew into a thriving political dynasty
J. H. Patterson, the first supersalesman, put his cash register in every emporium and banished itchy fingers from the till

One of his ships was rotten, his cold-weather gear was totally inadequate, and his officers resented him. But Lieutenant Wilkes had his orders—and off into the unknown Antarctic he sailed

August 1966