“You Mustn’t Let It Bother You Too Much”


Lord, Betty Lou, it seems like an eternity since I’ve seen you—since last November in that fine little world of ours. I hated to leave it. I don’t care for this war —I want you and Damon and the life of our own choosing. I want to worry about the bills—ho! ho!—and mow the lawn and make kites and stuff for the Damon and his friends. I want to see you and kiss you every day of my life—I want to beef about your silly hats and tell you how lovely you are. I’ve got all these things to do and time’s awastin'—I ain’t getting any younger neither! So let’s get the war over—okay? “Until that happy day you know darned well, I can’t give you anything but love letters, baby.” Silly, isn’t it? You just keep that old light in your eyes and the one in the window and we’ll be fat. Ah, I love you, my sweet Betty Lou.