Long Live The Queens

I found myself wondering if the ship had the personality or soul of its great predecessors.

On the other hand, there were many happy travelers aboard, some of whom had already signed up for future trips. The ship is still very new, and I found myself wondering, as I tried to penetrate its mysteries, if it indeed had a personality or soul, as its great predecessors undeniably did. Deborah Natansohn, a Cunard executive, has thought about this too. “It takes time to ripen it,” she says, “but QM2 will develop its own character, and it will certainly be rooted in the British heritage and tradition of Cunard.”

Back home I find myself thinking of the QM2 as she goes about her purposeful work as a liner. I walk over to Riverside Park to spot her unmistakable funnel, making a skyline all her own a mile and a half away. I think about being out on deck watching her cut a broad wake through the waters, or I remember curling up in a favorite spot by a window supposedly to read my book but really to stare out at the moody sea that is her natural home. In the corridors of my mind, the QM2 is growing barnacles of character with every turn of her engines.