Music Had Charms

PrintPrintEmailEmail On deck there is terror and agony wild , “The ship is on fire!” is the ominous sound ; And pleading for life hear a motherless child , “Oh save me, do please, I don’t want to be drowned!” “Cling close to me, Addle!” a hero replied , “I’ll risk my own life, little darling, for thee .” Then sprang with her over the ship’s heated side , From merciless flames to the pitiless sea . They’re riding the wave, he is breasting the foam , She’s clinging for life to the neck of the brave , But over them rushes the breaker’s high comb And Addie sinks under the ravenous wave . Yet never despair for at mercy’s command , The ocean its prey shall uninjured restore . See! Addie is seized by a rescuing hand , And stands like a nymph on the desolate shore . A warning for the susceptible young man of 1868
3. The Widow and I side by side sat together The carriage containing ourselves and no more , When silence was broken by my fair companion Who enquired the time by the watch that I wore . I of course satisfied her, and then conversation Was freely indulged in by both, ’till my brain Fairly reeled with excitement, I grew so enchanted With the Charming Young Widow I met in the Train . 4. We became so familiar I ventured to ask her How old was the child that she held at her breast . “Ah Sir!” she responded, and into tears bursting , Her infant still closer convulsively pressed , “When I think of my child I am well nigh distracted Its Father—my Husband—oh my heart breaks with pain.” She choking with sobs leaned her head on my waistcoat— Did the Charming Young Widow I met in the Train . 5. By this time the Train had arrived at a Station Within a few miles of the great one in town When my charmer exclaimed, ax she looked through the window , “Good gracious alive! why there goes Mr. Brown . He’s my late Husband’s Brother—dear Sir would you kindly My best beloved child for a moment sustain?” Of course I complied—then off on the platform Tripped the Charming Young Widow I met in the Train . 6. Three minutes elapsed when the whistle it sounded The Train began moving—no Widow appeared . I bawled out “Stop! Stop!” but they paid no attention With a snort, and a jerk, starting off as I feared . In this horrid dilemma I sought for the hour— But my watch! ha! where was it? where, where was my chain? My purse too, my ticket, gold pencil-case—all gone! Oh that Artful Young Widow I met in the Train . 7. While I was my loss thus so deeply bewailing The Train again stopped and I “Tickets please” heard .