The Siege Of Vicksburg


Grant rode down to the river to exchange congratulations with Admiral Porter on their joint victory. The general then returned to his headquarters outside the city and sent an aide to the nearest telegraph office with a report for Washington.

Grant wrote later:

This news, with the victory at Gettysburg won the same day, lifted a great load of anxiety from the minds of the President, his Cabinet, and the loyal people all over the North.

Port Hudson, Louisiana, a smaller post about a hundred and fifty miles farther down the river, was still in Confederate hands, but only for the moment; as a result of Vicksburg’s fall it capitulated to another Federal force on July 8. Except for mopping-up operations, this concluded the long campaign for the Mississippi.

“The Father of Waters,” said Lincoln, “again goes unvexed to the sea.”

As for Grant, he considered the fate of the Confederacy sealed.