Westward on the Old Lincoln Highway


That contribution promises to become better marked in coming years. The association is busily painting Lincoln Highway insignia on utility poles in Iowa and some other states. Communities are thinking about adopting the Lincoln name for portions of the road. The surviving concrete pillars installed by the Boy Scouts in 1928 are well cared for, and in certain locations replicas are going up. A chapter in central Ohio is preparing new Burma-Shave signs to give the road its old-time humor. “We’ve got three times as much history as Route 66,” says Franzwa. As Steve Lintner, a self-described “roadside archivist” in Ocean City, New Jersey, puts it, “This is one of the great touring roads of our dinky little planet.” That’s quite an advance from the 1920s, when the Lincoln was sometimes described as “nothing more than a red line on paper, connecting all the worst mud holes in the country.”