Captain Newcomb And The Frail Sisterhood


I wish to say to your honor that I was compelled to subsist these women, that it cost me all that I have made a charge for, to do so, that this claim is merely a reimbursement of my money which I had to expend while complying with the orders of the Officers of the United States Government. … I had to leave my business and travel from Cincinnati to this place to see if I could collect it, it being over two years due me. I am here now one week going from one office to another, to see to get my papers, and to effect a settlement, which I have not yet done, nor a likelihood to have done, unless your honor will please to direct payment of this account so justly due me, and for so long a time. …

Very Respectfully Your Obt. Serv. John M. Newcomb


The United States

To John M. Newcomb

For damages to the State-rooms, furniture, & bedding, cabin furniture, tableware, etc. on the Steamboat “IDAHOE,” by prostitutes transported by order of Gen. Morgan from Nashville, Tenn. to Louisville, Ky, thence to Cincinnati, Ohio and back to Nashville, Tenn, from the 8th of July to the 4th of August 1863, allowed upon the papers in the claim filed herewith, and in accordance with the accompanying opinion of the Second Comptroller dated Oct. 14th 1865, amount to $1000.00

For subsistence and medicines furnished to 111 prostitutes on board the steamboat “ IDAHOE ” … at the rate of $1.50 per day for each, while being transported … amounting to $4347.00 less 180 Rations furnished by U.S. at $17.70 per 100.


Total Amount $5316.04

Treasury Dept. Third Auditor’s Office L. S. Brandebury, Clk.