Fable Agreed Upon


“It is not realised how little the Gestapo was an independent agency, and how much its powers depended on the co-operation of the entire German bureaucracy. It is not realised that the massive machinery, by which more than four million Jews were dragged from their homes to die in often very distant concentration camps, ghettos, and gas chambers, could never have been handled by a single obscure department of the Gestapo, could never have been secret and could not have happened at all without the minute interlocking of the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministries of Transport, Finance, and Economics, the two High Command Offices, the Ministries of Labour and Armaments, and above all the Foreign Office.”

Here, in other words, is a historian coming in before the myths have really hardened to insist that the history of this particular part of our times must not become one of those agreed-upon fables. He has been compelled to grope about in some of the muddiest waters which a frequently sinful and misguided human race ever stirred up, but he has done his task ably and his book is of substantial value.