A Journal Of An Indian Captivity During Pontiac’s Rebellion In The Year 1763, By Mr John Rutherfurd, Afterward Captain, 42nd Highland Regiment


∗ These were the victims of the massacre at Devil’s Hole, a spectacular chasm in the Niagara River Gorge. At this time a wagon road ran along one edge; and here a British supply train was ambushed by Indians on September 14, 1763. Those white men who were not struck down on the spot were forced over the precipice, along with horses and wagons; only three escaped. Hearing the sound of distant rifle fire, a party of soldiers rushed to help, and was in turn ambushed and nearly wiped out.

When at Niagara, I resolved to tempt fortune no longer in the woods, and determined to go to New York. I arrived here a few days ago, where I expect to remain for some little time with my uncle, and afterwards join the 42nd Regiment, in which I have just got an ensigncy, preparing for an expedition against the Shawnee and Delaware Indians to the westward under the command of Colonel Bouquet. …

I wish you may be able to understand this long, illwritten narrative, which I have written in a great hurry, as when I began I had no idea that I should have swelled it out to the size of a pamphlet. However, if I had had more time, I don’t think that I should have put it into much better language, for having so long been confounded with hearing and speaking different languages, French, Dutch, Chippewa, Ottawa, &c ∗c that it is no wonder I should be at a loss to write or speak that of my native country.