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March 2024

“One of the great truths of history is that no past event was preordained,” wrote David McCullough in American Heritage. “Every battle, election, and revolution could have turned out differently at any point along the way.”

John Glover's courage and sacrifice were crucial in winning the fight for our freedom and independence.

Proof of that observation is the number of times that John Glover and his Marblehead regiment saved George Washington and the fledgling American army from disaster, described so well in this issue by historian Patrick K. O’Donnell.

Their courage and sacrifice made a crucial difference in winning the American Revolution, and enabling us to live in a free, democratic, and prosperous country.

Women march down Pennsylvania from the Capitol, led by led by Mrs. Richard Coke Burleson (center on horseback). Library of Congress
On March 3, 1913, suffragettes marched from the U.S. Capitol down Pennsylvania Avenue, led by Jane Walker Burleson (in the center on horseback). Library of Congress

Editor's Note: Elisabeth Griffith is the author of two acclaimed books on women's history, Formidable: American Women and the Fight for Equality: 1920–2020 and In Her Own Right: the Life of Elizabeth Cady Stanton. She has a PhD in history.

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