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President Johnson shocked the nation when he ended his bid for reelection in 1968. A recently uncovered memo shows that, as early as 1964, Lady Bird had suggested that he might not want to run for a second term.

Enormous crowds greeted the Marquis de Lafayette, the French hero of the American Revolution, during his visit to all 24 states nearly 40 years after the war ended.

In a momentous couple of years, the young United States added more than a million square miles of territory, including Texas and California. 

We can’t let the home of one of the great heroes of the American Revolution be demolished.

Classic Essays from Our Archives

1619: The Year That Shaped America  | Winter 2019, Vol 64, No 1

By James Horn

Four hundred years ago this year, two momentous events happened in Britain’s fledgling colony in Virginia: the New World’s first democratic assembly convened, and an English privateer brought kidnapped Africans to sell as slaves. Such were the conflicted origins of modern America.


Ike's Son Remembers George S. Patton Jr. | Summer 2012, Vol 62, No 2

By John D. Eisenhower

The author, who once served under General Patton and whose father, Dwight D. Eisenhower, was Patton's commanding officer, shares his memories of "Ol' Blood and Guts"

Gen. George Patton

The Man of the Century | May/June 1994, Vol 45, No 3

By Arthur Schlesinger Jr.

Of all the Allied leaders, argues FDR's biographer, only Roosevelt saw clearly the shape of the new world they were fighting to create

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Alice Paul: “I Was Arrested, Of Course…” | February 1974, Vol 25, No 2

By Robert S. Gallagher

An interview with the famed suffragette, Alice Paul

alice paul

The Treasure From The Carpentry Shop | December 1979, Vol 31, No 1

By David McCullough


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    Today in History

  • West Virginia becomes 35th state

    West Virginia enters the Union as the 35th state, two years after it seceded from Virginia in the first months of the Civil War. President Abraham Lincoln stipulated that West Virginia had to adopt a statewide plan for abolition in order to be granted statehood. 

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  • Cold War "hot line" set up

    American and Soviet leaders establish a direct phone line between the White House and the Kremlin following the communication delays during the Cuban Missile Crisis.