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Colonial North America

Colonial North America




From the Archives

1559 Shipwrecks Found in Pensacola

A hurricane sank a fleet in Pensacola Bay 450 years ago, dooming the first major European attempt to colonize North America, a story that archaeologists are just now fleshing out

The Deerfield Massacre

One terrible night in 1704 came to symbolize the whole struggle for supremacy on the North American continent

Roanoke's Lost Colony Found?

New ideas—and archaeological evidence—may provide answers to colonial North America’s longest-running mystery

The Hunt for the Regicides

They had sent King Charles to the scaffold without remorse. Now they were fugitives in New England with a big price on their heads

Champlain Among the Mohawk, 1609

A Soldier-Humanist Fights a War for Peace in North America

The Spirit of ’54

Two decades before the Revolution, a group of Americans voted on a scheme to unite the colonies. Benjamin Franklin thought it could have prevented the war. It didn’t—but did give us our Constitution.


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