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Editorial and Research Intern, History Education

Editorial and Research Intern, History Education

In Summer 2024, we are hiring several summer interns to help us build Fourscore (, our new system for teaching American history. Interns will help locate important original historical documents (speeches, legislation, letters, articles, etc.) and upload them to Fourscore. They will also generate categorization and other metadata about the documents they upload.

Interns should be currently attending (or recently graduated from) college and have some background in American history, or be high school students who have completed AP US History.

Fourscore is being developed by American Heritage, the leading magazine of American history for 75 years. Its offices are in the American News Women's Club near Dupont Circle, Washington, DC. 


Fourscore will be an innovative and broadly useful system for teaching American history, government, and ELA. It will be a comprehensive system offering educators one-stop shopping for everything they need to be effective educators and provide customized lists of teaching materials including 7,000 essays by historians and thousands of primary documents.

A panel of master teachers and curriculum consultants is developing the content for Fourscore including essays by leading historians bundled with primary materials such as documents, paintings, photographs, artifacts, and maps. 


American Heritage launched in 1949 and has won many prestigious journalism awards over its distinguished history. It has published many of the famous historians of the last 70 years such as Douglas Brinkley, Joseph Ellis, David Hackett Fischer, Henry Louis Gates, John F. Kennedy, Pauline Maier, David McCullough, and James McPherson. The magazine’s 70th Anniversary issue included original writing by numerous Pulitzer Prize-winning authors.

American Heritage won or was a finalist for a National Magazine Award thirteen times. Although it was forced to suspend print publication following the recession, it was relaunched in digital format in 2017. Its website,, offers 8,000 articles written by leading historians and writers and is widely used by teachers and students.


Please send a resume, cover letter, and clips by email to or by snail mail to:

National Historical Society
Attn: Edwin S. Grosvenor, Editor-in-Chief
PO Box 1488
Rockville, MD 20849-1488

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