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Historic Sites

Agate Fossil Beds National Memorial Agate Fossil Beds National Memorial
Harrison, Nebraska

During the 1890s, scientists redi

Agua Caliente Cultural Museum Agua Caliente Cultural Museum
Palm Springs, California

Through exhibitions, collections, research, and educational programs, the

Ah Tah Thi Ki Museum Ah Tah Thi Ki Museum
Big Cypress Indian Reservation, Florida

The Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum on Big Cyrpess Reservation explore

Ak Chin Him Dak Eco Museum Ak Chin Him Dak Eco Museum
Maricopa , Arizona

The heritage museum displays artifacts and objects that document the Ak-Chin tribe's wa

Akwesasne Library & Museum Akwesasne Library & Museum
Hogansburg, New York

In 1972, cultural classes started and donations to the center began the museum collecti

Alaska Heritage Museum At Wells Fargo Alaska Heritage Museum At Wells Fargo
Anchorage, Alaska

Housed in a historic bank, this museum pays particular attention to the impact and invo

Alaska Museum Of Natural History Alaska Museum Of Natural History
Anchorage, Alaska

With a glimpse into one of the richest natural landscapes in the country, this museum d

Alaska Native Heritage Center Museum Alaska Native Heritage Center Museum
Anchorage, Alaska

The museum will take you on a journey as it explores the history and cultures of five o

Albany Mounds Albany Mounds
Albany, Illinois

The Albany Mounds date from the Middle Woodland (Hopewell) period (200 BCE-CE 300), old

Alcatraz Island Alcatraz Island
San Francisco, California

The history of Alcatraz is surprising to those that only know the Hollywood version.

Aleutian World War II National Historic Area Aleutian World War II National Historic Area
Unalaska, Alaska

This little known site of arduous WWII battles is located on a rich and remote archipel

Alpine County Museum Alpine County Museum
Markleeville, California

The Museum contains displays of an old country s

Alutiiq Museum Alutiiq Museum
Kodiak, Alaska

The Alutiiq Museum, located on the first floor of the Alutiiq Cultural Center, traces t

Anasazi Heritage Center Anasazi Heritage Center
Dolores, Colorado

The museum features permanent exhibits on archaeology, local history, & Native Amer

Anasazi Historical Site & State Museum Anasazi Historical Site & State Museum
Boulder, Utah

Visit the museum and partially excavated prehistoric Indian village

Anchorage Museum Of History And Art Anchorage Museum Of History And Art
Anchorage, Alaska

For an engaging look into the history, ethnography, and art of Alaska, plan a trip to t

Andres Pico Adobe Andres Pico Adobe
Mission Hills, California

Inside are museum displays of native American beads, Mission and Spanish-Mexican era ar

Appalachian Caverns And Campground Appalachian Caverns And Campground
Blountville, Tennessee

For many years the cavern lay in silence broken only by the sound of the water, the ani

Apple River Fort Apple River Fort
Elizabeth, Illinois

The war, which lasted only 16 weeks, ended the threat of Indian attacks in the area and

Astor House Museum And Clear Creek History Park Astor House Museum And Clear Creek History Park
Golden, Colorado

The Astor House was built in 1867, and stayed in continuous operation as a boarding and

Aztec Ruins National Monument Aztec Ruins National Monument
Aztec, New Mexico

Aztec Ruins provides visitors an intimate opportunity to explore the ancient Puebloan “

Bandelier Bandelier
Los Alamos, New Mexico

Bandelier has a long human history and links to the modern Pueblos.

Barona Museum Barona Museum
Lakeside, California

The museum’s collection represents thousands of years of history—some objects dating as

Bear Lake State Park Bear Lake State Park
Garden City, Utah

The Bear Lake Valley was first inhabited by Shoshoni Tribes, then fur trappers.

Bedford City & County Museum Bedford City & County Museum
Bedford, Virginia

This local history museum is housed in a former Masonic Temple dating from 1895.

Big Hidatsa Village Site Big Hidatsa Village Site
Stanton, North Dakota

The pioneers, dispatched by President Jefferson to explore the new land recently acquir

Big Hole National Battlefield Big Hole National Battlefield
Wisdom, Montana

On August 9, 1877 gun shots shattered a chilly dawn on a sleeping camp of Nez Perce.

Black Diamond Mines Preserve Black Diamond Mines Preserve
Antioch, California

Guided tours of the Hazel-Atlas mine take visitors through an old mine used to produce

Blue Ridge National Heritage Area Blue Ridge National Heritage Area
Asheville, North Carolina

The Blue Ridge National Heritage Area encompasses the mountains of North Carolina and i

Bluegrass Heritage Museum Bluegrass Heritage Museum
Winchester, Kentucky

This three-floor museum in the 1894 Guerrant Clinic building focuses on the history of

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Often thought to have been a weak President, Carter was strong-willed in doing what he thought was right, regardless of expediency or political fallout.

Rarely has the full story been told how a famed botanist, a pioneering female journalist, and First Lady Helen Taft battled reluctant bureaucrats to bring Japanese cherry trees to Washington. 

In his Second Inaugural Address, Abraham Lincoln embodied leading in a time of polarization, political disagreement, and differing understandings of reality.

Native American peoples and the lands they possessed loomed large for Washington, from his first trips westward as a surveyor to his years as President.

A hundred years ago, America was rocked by riots, repression, and racial violence.

During Pres. Washington’s first term, an epidemic killed one tenth of all the inhabitants of Philadelphia, then the capital of the young United States.

Now a popular state park, the unassuming geological feature along the Illinois River has served as the site of centuries of human habitation and discovery.  

The recent discovery of the hull of the battleship Nevada recalls her dramatic action at Pearl Harbor and ultimate revenge on D-Day as the first ship to fire on the Nazis.

Our research reveals that 19 artworks in the U.S. Capitol honor men who were Confederate officers or officials. What many of them said, and did, is truly despicable.

Here is probably the most wide-ranging look at Presidential misbehavior ever published in a magazine.

When Germany unleashed its blitzkreig in 1939, the U.S. Army was only the 17th largest in the world. FDR and Marshall had to build a fighting force able to take on the Nazis, against the wishes of many in Congress.

Roast pig, boiled rockfish, and apple pie were among the dishes George and Martha enjoyed during the holiday in 1797. Here are some actual recipes.