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Historic Sites

Austin Carriage Museum Austin Carriage Museum
Weirsdale, Florida

The Florida Carriage Museum & Resort is home to one of the worlds finest collection

Bandelier Bandelier
Los Alamos, New Mexico

Bandelier has a long human history and links to the modern Pueblos.

Catoctin Mountain Park Catoctin Mountain Park
Thurmont, Maryland

President Franklin D.

Chesapeake And Ohio Canal National Historic Park Chesapeake And Ohio Canal National Historic Park
Hagerstown, Maryland

Originally, the C&O Canal was a lifeline for communities and businesses along the P

Chickamauga And Chattanooga National Military Park Chickamauga And Chattanooga National Military Park
Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia

In 1863, Union and Confederate forces fought for control of Chattanooga, the gateway to

Clara Barton National Historic Site Clara Barton National Historic Site
Glen Echo, Maryland

The house of the famed Clara Barton served not only as her

Cordell Hull State Park Cordell Hull State Park
Byrdstown, Tennessee

The Cordell Hull Birthplace and Museum is a historic site owned by the State of Tenness

Cub River/shoshone Indian Trail Cub River/shoshone Indian Trail
Preston, Idaho

Traveling up the Cub River from the Bear River and over into Bear Lake valley you will

Cumberland Gap National Historical Park Cumberland Gap National Historical Park
Cumberland Gap, Tennessee

At Cumberland Gap, the first great gateway to the west, follow the buffalo, the Native

Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail
Kingsport, Tennessee

The Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail begins at Long Island of the Holston in Kingsport, ne

David Crockett Birthplace State Park David Crockett Birthplace State Park
Limestone, Tennessee

Davy Crockett's Birthplace has been preserved by the State of Tennessee Department of E

David Crockett State Park David Crockett State Park
Lawrenceburg, Tennessee

David Crockett State Park was dedicated in May of 1959, in honor of one of Tennessee's

El Camino Real Heritage Center El Camino Real Heritage Center
Magdalena, New Mexico

The El Camino Heritage Center tells the story of more than three centuries of trade and

Fort Granger Fort Granger
Franklin, Tennessee

View the city of Franklin from this historic trail.

Fort Washington Fort Washington
Fort Washington, Maryland

At this 180-year-old fort visitors explore the the outer defense for Washington, DC dur

Grand Caverns Grand Caverns
Grottoes, Virginia

Grand Caverns is a stately and powerful example of Nature's handiwork.

Great Falls Park And Patowmack Canal Great Falls Park And Patowmack Canal
McLean, Virginia

George Washington dreamed of opening up the undeveloped Ohio territory by making the Po

Harry P. Leu Gardens Harry P. Leu Gardens
Orlando, Florida

Harry P.

Historic London Town And Gardens Historic London Town And Gardens
Edgewater, Maryland

Within the boundaries of this park was once the late 17th/early 18th-century town of Lo

Independence Rock Independence Rock
Muddy Gap, Wyoming

Independence Rock stands 6,028 feet (1,808.3m) above sea level.

Jefferson Patterson Park And Museum Jefferson Patterson Park And Museum
St. Leonard, Maryland

Seventy archaelogical sites have discovered 9,000 years of human habitation of this are

Lemhi Pass Lemhi Pass
Tendoy, Idaho
Many historians consider Lemhi Pass the most important site along the Lewis and Clark
Lewis And Clark National Historic Trail Lewis And Clark National Historic Trail
Kooskia, Idaho

The Lewis and Clark Expedition, which occurred from 1804 to 1806, was one of the most d

Lewis And Clark National Historical Park Lewis And Clark National Historical Park
Astoria, Oregon

The Park is made up of 12 park sites located on a 40-mile stretch of the Pacific coast

Matheson Museum Matheson Museum
Gainesville, Florida

The museum is flanked by three other sites: The Matheson House dates from 1867 and inco

Mazamas, The Mazamas, The
Portland, Oregon

Responding to an advertisement run in the Morning Oregonian of June 12, 1894: “To Mount

Monocacy National Battlefield Monocacy National Battlefield
Frederick, Maryland

The Visitor Center includes numerous interactive and multimedia exhibits, including ele

Mount Harmon Plantation Mount Harmon Plantation
Earleville, Maryland

The main building itself at this 290-acre site is a three-story, five-bay manor house d

New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail Route New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail Route
Newport, New Jersey

This auto-trail stretches nearly 300 miles along New Jersey’s shore and bays.

North Point State Park North Point State Park
Edgemere, Maryland

This waterfront park on the Chesapeake Bay was once the site of the Bay Shore Amusement

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Rarely has the full story been told how a famed botanist, a pioneering female journalist, and First Lady Helen Taft battled reluctant bureaucrats to bring Japanese cherry trees to Washington. 

In his Second Inaugural Address, Abraham Lincoln embodied leading in a time of polarization, political disagreement, and differing understandings of reality.

Native American peoples and the lands they possessed loomed large for Washington, from his first trips westward as a surveyor to his years as President.

A hundred years ago, America was rocked by riots, repression, and racial violence.

During Pres. Washington’s first term, an epidemic killed one tenth of all the inhabitants of Philadelphia, then the capital of the young United States.

Now a popular state park, the unassuming geological feature along the Illinois River has served as the site of centuries of human habitation and discovery.  

The recent discovery of the hull of the battleship Nevada recalls her dramatic action at Pearl Harbor and ultimate revenge on D-Day as the first ship to fire on the Nazis.

Our research reveals that 19 artworks in the U.S. Capitol honor men who were Confederate officers or officials. What many of them said, and did, is truly despicable.

Here is probably the most wide-ranging look at Presidential misbehavior ever published in a magazine.

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