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    History in 13th Jan

  • LBJ appoints first African-American cabinet member

    President Lyndon B. Johnson appoints Dr. Robert Weaver as the first Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). When confirmed, Dr. Weaver became the first African-American cabinet member in American history. 

  • Salmon Chase born

    American politician and jurist Salmon P. Chase is born in Cornish, New Hampshire. One of few Americans to serve in all three branches of the federal government, Chase represented Ohio in the Senate, served as President Lincoln's Secretary of the Treasury from 1861-1864, and was finally appointed by Lincoln to become Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

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  • Treaty of Cahuenga

    The Mexican-American War in Alta California ends with the signing of the Treaty of Cahuenga. At the Campo de Cahuenga, located in present-day Los Angeles, Lt. Colonel John C. Frémont and Mexican General Andrés Pico agreed to grant the Californios, Spanish-speaking settlers, American citizenship if they surrendered their weapons and chose to stay in California.

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