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New Evidence Indicates Castro Approved Kennedy Assassination

New Evidence Indicates Castro Approved Kennedy Assassination

Rockville, MD—American Heritage, the 59-year-old magazine of the American experience, is back after a brief hiatus. Edwin S. Grosvenor is leading a group of backers who have purchased the magazine and relaunched it with the Winter 2008 issue, which arrives in newsstands and bookstores this week. “We couldn’t stand to let the finest and longest-running magazine of American history die,” says Grosvenor, whose publishing experience includes the fine arts magazine Portfolio and literary magazine Current Books. On October 11, 2007, American Heritage Publishing Company signed an agreement with Forbes, Inc. to purchase the assets of American Heritage, Inc., which include American Heritage and Invention & Technology magazines, the website, a bank of 250,000 images, and the copyright to more than 200 book titles. Grosvenor plans to bring American Heritage back to its early roots when the magazine published the nation’s most famous historians, including Stephen Ambrose, Bruce Catton, William Manchester, and Allan Nevins. The Winter 2008 issue includes articles by David McCullough, Russell Baker, Alan Greenspan, and Elizabeth Brown Pryor, the nation’s leading authority on Robert E. Lee. The cover story examines the role of American women in combat today, featuring a tribute to those women who have given their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. Another article looks at never-before-published letters by Robert E. Lee, which have been recently discovered. The issue also includes Howell Conant’s captivating photos of Grace Kelly and the first-ever magazine piece written by Jamestown archaeologist Dr. William Kelso. “What’s wonderful about American Heritage is that it crosses the line between red and blue states and provides us with a forum where we can think and talk about our common heritage,” says Robert Breeden, chairman of the board of American Heritage Publishing. Breeden was the long-time Chairman and CEO of the White House Historical Association and the U.S. Capitol Historical Society, and a senior executive at the National Geographic Books. American Heritage magazine’s 22-year-old sister publication, Invention & Technology, celebrates the inventive spirit of America with evocative stories about the men and women whose ingenious solutions have transformed the fabric of our world. Readers enjoy the history and function of everything from the telegraph and steam engine to the GPS and PDA. The first new issue features a cover article on taking photographs on Mars, by Jim Bell, head of the imaging team that ran the cameras on the Mars rovers. The issue will come out in January 2008. The editorial team includes John F. Ross, author and former Smithsonian Magazine editor, and Cynthia B. Scudder, the former designer of National Geographic Traveler. The editorial office will move from New York City to Bethesda, Maryland.

Major New Revelation of Oswald’s Links to Cuba Are Revealed by America’s Oldest and Most Respected Popular History Magazine
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