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  • Miranda v. Arizona ruling

    The Supreme Court delivers its verdict in Miranda v. Arizona, ruling that criminal suspects must be read their constitutional rights before interrogated by law enforcement officers. Since the ruling, police typically inform suspects of their rights to remain silent, consult an attorney, and option for a court-appointed attorney.

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  • Pentagon Papers released

    The New York Times publishes the first installment of the Pentagon Papers, leaked excerpts from a Defense Department study on U.S.-Vietnam relations between 1945 and 1967. Daniel Ellsberg, a RAND Corporation employee, disclosed numerous volumes of the report to the Times reporter Neil Sheehan, detailing American bombing in Cambodia, Laos, and North Vietnam.

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  • Battle of "Bloody Gulch"

    Right outside Carentan, France, American airborne and armored units repel a German counterattack at the "Battle of Bloody Gulch." This victory helps secure Carentan and pushes German defenders further from the beachheads.

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