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    History in 16th Mar

  • James Madison born

    Fourth President and founding father James Madison is born at Belle Grove Plantation in Port Conway, Virginia. Regarded as the "Father of the Constitution," Madison later served as Secretary of State for Thomas Jefferson, his political mentor and close friend. Following eight years under Jefferson, Madison was elected president in 1808 and served two terms, having to flee the White House in 1814 during the War of 1812.

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  • My Lai Massacre in Vietnam

    United States Army soldiers of "Charlie" Company, 20th Infantry Regiment attack a reported Viet Cong stronghold South Vietnamese hamlet of Mỹ Lai, in the village of Sơn Mỹ. Better known as the My Lai Massacre, the American outfit killed over 300 Vietnamese civilians. 26 Americans were tried for the crimes but only the commanding officer, Lieutenant William Calley, was convicted for the crimes.

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  • West Point established

    The United States Military Academy is established in West Point, New York. First established as an American fort by the Continental Army in 1778, West Point developed its first curriculum under the direction of Superintendent Sylvanus Thayer, an alumnus who created the first college of engineering at West Point. In its 210-year history West Point has produced two presidents, several Heisman Trophy winners, and countless generals.

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