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    History in 5th Aug

  • Battle of Mobile Bay

    August 5, 1864—The Civil War naval Battle of Mobile Bay in Alabama begins. From his flagship USS Brooklyn Union Admiral David Farragut orders his fleet through a minefield, reputedly shouting the famous words, “Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!”

  • Divers Recover USS Monitor turret

    Divers recovered the gun turret of the U.S.S. Monitor, the famous Civil War ironclad, off the coast of North Carolina.
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  • First Traffic Light

    The first traffic light is installed in Cleveland, Ohio.
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  • Union Victory at Battle of Mobile Bay

    Union naval forces win the Battle of Mobile Bay, beginning a series of victories that will help Lincoln in his bid for a second presidential term.
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  • Nuclear Test Ban Treaty signed

    The United States, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union sign the Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, which prohibits above ground nuclear weapons tests.
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  • First transatlantic telegraph cable

    The first transatlantic telegraph cable is completed. The cable, running from western Ireland to Newfoundland, reduces the communication time between Europe and North America from ten days to several minutes.
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  • Marilyn Monroe died

    Marilyn Monroe is found dead at 36 in her Los Angeles home.
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