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    History in 23rd Nov

  • Battle of Chattanooga begins

    The Battles of Chattanooga begins as General Ulysses S. Grant orders two divisions to attack a smaller Confederate force and seize Orchard Knob, a small knoll southeast of Chattanooga.

  • Sadr City bombings in Baghdad

    In one of the deadliest sectarian attacks in Iraq, Sunni insurgents bomb Sadr City, a heavily Shia neighborhood of Baghdad, killing over 200 Iraqi civilians. Al-Qaeda in Iraq, a primary suspect for the mortar attacks and car bombs, staged during the Shi'a remembrance of Grand Ayatollah Mohammad Mohammad Sadeq al-Sadr, killed in 1999.

  • Declaration signer Edward Rutledge born

    Edward Rutledge, the youngest signer of the Declaration of Independence and future Governor of South Carolina, is born in Charleston.

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  • Franklin Pierce born

    14th President Franklin Pierce is born in Hillsborough, New Hampshire. Born into a political family, Pierce's father was a Revolutionary War veteran and two-term Governor of New Hampshire. Pierce served in the House of Representatives and the Senate before being elected president in 1852.

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