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    History in 25th Jan

  • Shays Rebellion attacks Springfield

    Major General William Shepard and his government militia defend the Springfield Arsenal against rebels led by Revolutionary War veteran Daniel Shays. Confusion between Shays and subordinate Luke Day disrupted the advance towards Springfield, with desertion and disorganization plaguing the rebellion.

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  • Battle of the Bulge ends

    The six-week German Ardennes Offensive in northwest Europe, better known as the Battle of the Bulge, ends in a resounding Allied victory. While the initial German thrust surprised many American defenders in Belgium and Luxembourg, the fierce American resistance prevented the Germans from splitting the Allied lines and capturing Antwerp.

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  • Operation Thuderbolt begins

    Operation Thunderbolt begins in South Korea as United Nations forces begin to push Chinese and North Korea units across the Han River. General Matthew Ridgeway directs the Eighth Army to recapture Seoul and force a Communist retreat.