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Adam Smith

“Adam Smith” is a pseudo-name that author George J. W. Goodman adopted while writing his 1976 book, The Money Game. It remained a number one bestseller for over a year and was called "a modern classic” by Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Samuelson. Goodman pioneered a style of financial writing that made Wall Street more understandable and accessible to the typical investor.
Of his many books include Supermoney, Paper Money, Powers of Mind, and The Roaring Eighties. Goodman was a member of the Editorial Board of The New York Times, an editor of Esquire Magazine, and was a founding member of New York Magazine where he nurtured such writers as Tom Wolfe, Jimmy Breslin, and Gloria Steinem.

Articles by this Author

The most influential economist in the United States talks about prudence, productivity, and the pursuit of liquidity in the light of the past