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Ellsworth S. Grant

A former mayor of West Hartford, Connecticut, Ellsworth S. Grant now makes and distributes educational films. His most recent, Resolved to Be Free , was released early this year by the State Bicentennial Commission as the official film showing Connecticut’s role in the Revolution.

Articles by this Author

In 1639 an Englishman named Lion Gardiner singled out a piece of the New World and removed his family thereto—his very own island off the Connecticut coast. And despite invasions of pirates, treasure hunters, and British soldiers, Gardiners Island has remained in the hands of that family ever since. Because of Lion’s shrewd investment his descendants have indeed been
Samuel Colt’s life was brief but eventful. He was an imaginative inventor and an ambitious pitchman whose legacy included scandal and success—and firearms that were revolutionary in more ways than one
Flowing from the Canadian border to Long Island Sound, nourishing both industry and agriculture, and carrying on its back sailing sloops, steamships, and pleasure craft, the Connecticut River has been for three hundred years.