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Garry Wills

Garry Wills has authored many books that study George Washington, Richard Nixon, the Kennedy family, Ronald Reagan, and religion in America. He has won many literary awards including, the 1993 Pulitzer Prize for Non-fiction for his book Lincoln at Gettysburg He currently serves as Professor Emeritus of History at Northwestern University.

Articles by this Author

When the French Revolution broke out two hundred years ago this month, Americans greeted it enthusiastically. After all, without the French we could never have become free. But the cheers faded as the brutality of the convulsion emerged—and we saw we were still only a feeble newborn facing a giant, intimidating world power.
The distasteful questions we ask our presidential hopefuls serve a real purpose
James Wilson was an important but now obscure draftsman of the Constitution. Carry Wills is a journalist and historian fascinated by what went on in the minds of our founders. The two men meet in an imaginary dialogue across the centuries.
To mark the birthdays of our two great Presidents, a new look at the legends that surround their memory … An admiring re-appraisal of the Cherry Tree Fable and its author, by Garry Wills , together with the Curious Story of Abraham Lincoln’s Lost Love Letters, by Don E. Fehrenbacher
In an age of ersatz heroes, a fresh look at the real thing