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George D. Painter

A MERICAN H ERITAGE is privileged not only to take part in announcing the news of the Vinland Map discovery but to publish the first extended magazine treatment of the studies that have been made of it. The Yale University Press is publishing the entire work this month as a book under the title The Vinland Map and the Tartar Relation, with texts by R. A. Skelton, George D. Painter, and Thomas E. Marston. This massive, complicated, but intensely interesting volume, which costs $15, includes facsimiles of the map and the Tartar Relation, translations, commentaries, and a foreword by Alexander Orr Victor, Curator of Maps at the Yale University Library and editor and organizer of the project. We wish to thank Mr. Vietor and Chester Kerr, director of the Yale University Press, for making our presentation possible.

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