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Kenneth S. Davis

Kenneth S. Davis, a frequent contributor, wrote “ The Birth of Social Security ” in our April/May 1979 issue.

Articles by Kenneth Davis

On a warm Florida evening in 1933 a madman with a pistol and a personality profile now all too familiar—“unskilled, unfriendly, unmoneyed, and unwell”—came within inches of altering the course of American history in one of its most critical moments Read >>
Had Franklin D. Roosevelt not been so conservative, we might have had national health insurance forty years ago Read >>
How a Crash Program Developed an Efficient Oral Contraceptive in Less Than a Decade Read >>
“She is such a funny child, so old-fashioned, that we always call her ‘Granny’ “her mother said. Cousin Franklin felt otherwise Read >>
So bellowed Ethan Allen as he took Fort Ticonderoga without a shot. Once again the brawling giant of the Green Mountains had lived up to a myth that was indeed mighty—but no greater, perhaps, than the actual man Read >>

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