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Moshe Decter

During the coming year, the America & Russia series, together with certain other articles on the subject from earlier issues of AMERICAN HERITAGE , will be published in book form by Simon tr Schuster, New York.
For further reading: An End to Innocence , by Leslie Fiedler (Beacon Press, 1955); Heresy, Yes—Conspiracy, No , by Sidney Hook (John Day, 1953); Part of Our Time , by Murray Kempton (Simon and Schuster, 1955); The Red Decade , by Eugene Lyons (Bobbs Merrill, 1940); Where We Came Out , by Granville Hicks (Viking, 1954); The Roots of American Communism , by Theodore Draper (Viking, 1957).

Articles by this Author

AMERICA & RUSSIA, PART XI The Communist party in America was so small, so faction-ridden, so isolated. How could it enlist so much popular support? How could illiberalism take in so many liberals?