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Remi Nadeau

In addition to his recent Los Angeles: Mission to Modern City , of which this article forms a part, Remi Nadeau has written three other books on California history, among them The Water Seekers (Doubleday, 1950).

Articles by Remi Nadeau

The Water War, December 1961 | Vol. 13, No. 1
As Owens Valley water came down the aqueduct, thirsty Los Angeles rejoiced. But angry farmers were buying dynamite and cleaning guns Read >>
Granddaddy of all desert mining discoveries was the Comstock Lode, which sent the Far West on a silver stampede to Nevada’s Washoe country a century ago. Read >>
In Los Angeles, Spanish friars, Mexican dons, Yankee troops, and local boosters have reared a colossus that won’t stop growing Read >>

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