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Robert Froman

Robert Froman is the author of The Nerve of Some Animals and One Million Islands for Sale . He contributed “The Red Ghost” to the April, 1961, issue of AMERICAN HERITAGE .
For further reading: Plants, Man and Life , by Edgar Anderson (Little, Brown, 1952); Agricultural Origins and Dispersals , by Carl O. Sauer (American Geographical Society, 1952).

Articles by this Author

From the Old to the New World have come not only men but mice, peas and pigeons, cabbages and goats—multitudes of animal and vegetable settlers that have thrived in their adopted land
The Red Ghost, April 1961 | Vol. 12, No. 3
The huge, cloven-footed creature that terrorized southeast Arizona was no figment of the mind. The grisly story of its origin and fate was more macabre in fact than any fiction