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    History in 14th Mar

  • Einstein born

    Nobel Prize-winning physicist Albert Einstein is born in Ulm, Germany. Einstein's work produced the theory of relativity and his quantum theory ushered in the age of modern physics. In 1933 Einstein, a non-practicing Jew, stayed in the United States as Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany, and later became a U.S. citizen. During World War II Einstein advised President Franklin D. Roosevelt about the probability of German research into atomic weaponry. 

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  • Cotton Gin patented

    Eli Whitney receives a U.S. patent for the cotton gin. The cotton gin revolutionized the American economy, as it made it very profitable to harvest cotton in the South using slave labor. By the start of the Civil War, the American South was producing over two-thirds of the world's cotton.

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  • Gold Standard Act passed

    The Gold Standard Act is passed by Congress and signed by President William McKinley. This law pegged American currency to gold and ended the period of bimetallism in the United States.

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