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Adm Cary T. Grayson

Admiral Cary Travers Grayson (1878 - 1938) was a surgeon in the U.S. Navy who served a variety of roles from personal aide to President Woodrow Wilson to chairman of the American Red Cross. After Grayson was named Navy surgeon for the Presidential yacht in 1907, he became friends with Teddy Roosevelt, William Howard Taft and Woodrow Wilson. He was named the official White House Physician by Wilson, being promoted from Lieutenant to Rear Admiral. Later, Grayson participated in the coverup of the President's medical condition. His sons allowed the publciation of an important document written by Grayson in 1926 for the first time in the October 1964 isssue of American Heritage.

Articles by this Author

In a paper written in 1926 but now first published here, Woodrow Wilson’s personal physician refutes other accounts of the break with Colonel House